Stretches and Exercises to Improve Hamstring Health

  Side-Line Stretch   Back Line Stretch   Front Line Stretch   Hip Stretch                               Glute Bridges for Stronger Glutes   Hamstring Curls for Hamstring Strength and Stability Glute Ham Raises for Eccentric Hamstring Strength

The Long Journey of A Massage Therapist

I’ve been asked many times by therapists and athletes alike why am I so intense and passionate about Sports Massage, and why am I so picky about who I work with.  My love for sports medicine began my senior year in high school 2004.  During football at the beginning of the season, I sustained some serious injuries. […]

Technology is advancing athletics

Biofeedback And Strength Athletes

Strength athletes (powerlifters, strongman, weightlifters, etc) like all athletes can and will benefit from the use of modern technology. From portable EEG, heart rate monitors, HRV monitoring, blood pressure, Velocity tracking and the list could go on and on. The world of athletic performance enhancement has grown exponentially from the days where simply prescribing a […]

The treatment an athlete receives is differet than regular people

Athletes Will Test Your Treatment Skills So Be Ready

You always have to step your game up in health care because you are always being put to the test, even if you don’t know it. When you have a customer focused mind it means you are thinking through what is going through their head. The truth is that if you have a new client […]

Email Marketing is still effective

How You Can Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Healthcare Brand

I don’t know how else to put this but most therapists are just AWFUL with their email marketing strategies. It hurts me inside when I sign up for their email lists because they miss the mark so badly. Maybe this sounds like you? I will tell you what if you have found that email marketing […]

Healthcare does not like sports medicine

Why Sports Medicine Is Forgotten In Healthcare

Weirdly enough we have been sold a lie about injuries and because of that, they are swept to the side when it comes to healthcare. The lie is that health care is for those who want pills, are sick, diseased or need surgery. Serious athletic injury require surgery but most do not fit any of […]

Amazon has some of the best customer service

The Approach To Helping Injured Athletes

The reason that Amazon has been able to take over the world is that of how the founder Jeff Bezos approaches each day. Where most people focus on being the best, he focuses each day on pleasing the customer. He believes that when you strive to be the best, you lose your motivation once you […]

Athletic trainers are usuallys the first contact to injured athletes

How Athletic Trainers Can Play a Huge Role With The Kho App

One thing I know about the ATC community is that you are one tough bunch of people. You will fight to the death for what you believe in or to keep out what you don’t believe in. Being married to an ATC, and having been an athlete for 16 years tells me that a lot […]

Podcast Episode # 5 (Self-Talk)

On today’s episode Justin and Ian talk about self-talk, why the conversations you have with yourself are going to determine whether you succeed or you fail. If you mind is not in the game how can we expect our bodies to follow. They go over how they have utilized internal dialogue to get them through […]

Podcast Episode # 4 (HONESTY)

On today’s episode Justin and Ian talk about honesty, why you should be limiting all form of lying. They talk about the importance of being honest with yourself especially. You need to be willing to get rid of the mistakes, weaknesses in your character in order to optimize your potential! Check out the podcast here! […]