How it Works

Become the provider all of the athletes want to work with!

Millions of athletes get injured each year and they are left clueless as to what to do next. These injuries represent the perfect opportunity to grow your brand.

The Kho app allows athletes to ask any injury question they have.  Then you get access to these questions so you can showcase your services. The best part about working with athletes is that nature of sports creates repeat customers.

Be the one to save the day right when injuries happen. Stop sitting back and waiting for people to find you when many don’t even know what they are looking for. No more thinking of what to post on social media and hoping for results. Instead, put your efforts into building relationships with athletes that need help.

The more you help, the more of an online brand you create for yourself. Today people depend on the internet to decide on purchasing choices. Don’t wait for your local competition to start building an excellent brand before you take action.

Kho was founded by Ian Warner, a 2012 Olympic sprinter. Ian spent years dealing with many types of injuries including lower back, groin, and hamstring injuries. It wasn’t until he was introduced to a sports therapist that changed his life.

The therapists helped him understand what he needed to do to get his body back in shape and to reach his full potential. The results were astounding. By staying healthy and working hard, he became a NCAA All American and made the 2012 Olympics.

After retiring from competitive sports, Ian used social media and posted things he had done to stay healthy. Many injury related questions started pouring in! He knew right
away that he was on to something special and started developing Kho.


Feed of Injury Questions
Submitted by Local Athletes


Manage Your Reputation


Check Questions and Reply’s


Send and Receive Private Notes

Get Connected

Find Local Injuries and market your services to those athletes

Help your community and be seen as a resource

Track return on investment easily

Spend less time on social media

HIPAA Compliant



Pre-APPLY And Start Getting
The Respect You Deserve

Kho is scheduled to release August 2017, spots are limited per area so act now!

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It took me years of referrals and depending on word of mouth to build my reputation and practice. KHO is changing how health care providers approach marketing by allowing us to find new clients faster.
Gerry Ramogida
Vancouver, BC | Chiropractor
Highlights: Seattle Seahawks, ALTIS, Fortius Institute
I love working with athletes because I come from an athletic background. Finding injured athletes has never been easy for me though. As soon as I heard about KHO, I knew that it was going to help my business out a lot.
Meghan Braun
Jacksonville, FL | Physiotherapist
Owner of Body Mechanics Physical Therapy
I spent years searching for different ways to work with more athletes. I would improve my skill set, but struggle to get people to know about what I could offer. The thing I like most about Kho is that to market myself, I get to do what I love to do and that is help people.
Dan Pringle
Toronto, ON | Physiotherapist
Owner of Endeavour Rehab, Acupuncture Instructor


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