Health Care Providers

What is in it for me as a healthcare provider?

As a healthcare provider, you get to build your brand up and a get access to local leads looking for their help. You can spend time with social media building followers but there is no way to know when they are hurt, and where they are located. Kho allows you to know where they are located, and other key information to help you provide the best answer.

What if I am not comfortable answering questions?

The app is not about answering questions as much as it is about building relationships. Many of these athletes have never seen a professional for their injuries before. They are unsure of who to trust and they have no clue if you can do what you say you can. Kho is a tool for marketing your brand and services.

How do I get people in my office?

We will be adding a booking and scheduling service in the near future so you can do your marketing and booking in one place.


I don't want help online, I want to actually see someone can Kho help me?

We will be adding a scheduling and booking service in the future. If you want to book an appointment with someone right now, send them a direct message on the app.

The answer I got did not help me, what should I do now?

You should ask again if you feel like you did not get an answer that worked. Another thing you can do is send a message to the therapist who sent you the answer. Ask for clarification just to make sure you understood everything that they said. No health care provider will be correct 100% of the time with their answers.