The Anatomy Resources For Your Tool Kit

If you want to be a great athlete you need to understand the tools that you work with. Your toolkit is your body and you must take care of it in order to excel. In order to take care of it, you have to know what it consists of. Take some time to study the […]

Stretches and Exercises to Improve Hamstring Health

  Side-Line Stretch   Back Line Stretch   Front Line Stretch   Hip Stretch                               Glute Bridges for Stronger Glutes   Hamstring Curls for Hamstring Strength and Stability Glute Ham Raises for Eccentric Hamstring Strength

mental health

Mental Health Matters, For Athletes As Well!

The problem with being an athlete can be described in one word. That one word is IDENTITY. From the time when we were hunter gatherers, humans always have been inclined to fit in as a form of survival. It was a costly to be an outcast back then. We often attach our identity to what […]


Are You Good Enough Without The Glory?

You need to understand this because it requires evaluating who you are right now. Then you have to ask the tough question, “Are you enough?” The answer needs to be a strong and confident yes. If you are enough that means that you could stay the exact same in life and still be grateful. Now […]

injury prevention

How To Develop A Daily Injury Prevention Routine

If you stay ready then you never have to get ready! That will always be one of my favorite sayings because it is true. Preparation is a key to success. It does not matter what your injury history is because the truth of sports is that injuries can happen at any time to anyone. The […]

accommodating Resistance

Using Accommodating Resistance To Get To The Next Level.

The evidence as well as plain common sense eluding some coaches and athletes when it comes to using bands, chains, or weight releasers. Some of the strongest people on the planet step out of the Westside Barbell Club in Columbus, Ohio. They have been using bands, chains, and weight releases for years upon years but […]


Making Things Simple Does Not Mean Making Them Easy!

  That Damn Alarm The alarm clock goes off. It is 5 am in the morning and you are in the most comfortable position between your Egyptian cotton sheets with your loved one nestled close by and the dog at the foot of the bed. Who wants to get up and away from that? You […]

Technology is advancing athletics

Biofeedback And Strength Athletes

Strength athletes (powerlifters, strongman, weightlifters, etc) like all athletes can and will benefit from the use of modern technology. From portable EEG, heart rate monitors, HRV monitoring, blood pressure, Velocity tracking and the list could go on and on. The world of athletic performance enhancement has grown exponentially from the days where simply prescribing a […]

The Body is willing to do anything you ask of it

You Are An Amazing Machine

The human body is an amazing machine; we are made to complete tasks with great precision. We are not infallible however, we make mistakes, we fail, we stumble and we fall. That is the dichotomy of human nature. We are great at the things we do but we are also susceptible to the day to […]

Novel training is great for increase fun

Why Novel Training Can Be The Key To Getting You Out Of The Rut

The power of novelty is something that is funny enough novel to many across the globe. But to be specific we are going to look at novelty in the fitness/strength and conditioning industry. The same ways of training the same movements involved in training have become stale. Yes effective but stale. No one is going […]