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Stop Letting Injuries Get In Your Way

In pain? Let us know what is bothering you, or maybe you are not injured, but you want to make sure things stay that way. 

 From the second you submit your question, we are working to get you an answer faster than you can say the word “healthy.” It is that simple! Cut your recovery time down and decrease injuries, all from the comfort of your phone! 

You are safe with us and you are also free to speak your mind about whatever you feel you need to. We have one goal and that is to get you healthy again.

One simple download could give be the difference between a frustrating season, and that breakout year you have been wanting.

We know you have greatness in you, but injuries often rob you of your gifts. You deserve to be successful not injured, and we will help you make that happen as fast as possible.

Kho is founded by an Olympic athlete who struggled with injuries. He got connected with a health care provider that kept him healthy, and he performed so well that he became an All-American and made the 2012 Olympic Team. Being health makes all the difference!

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I am still quite new to the sport so I am still figuring out my body and how it works. It is nice to be able to learn more about injuries, while being completely anonymous.”
Andre De Grasse
Markham, ON / Phoenix, AZ | Sprinter
Highlights: Olympic Medalist, Pan Am Games Champion
I found Kho on Twitter and was taken aback by how awesome the idea itself was. I have played in both the CFL and NFL and have been in many situations where I was hurt and not getting the treatment I needed to be healthy.
Andrew Hawkins
Ohio | Football Player
Highlights: Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Montreal Alouettes
I am constantly travelling and looking for good therapists that I can trust. There was no good way to go about doing this. Now I know I can use Kho to find therapists anywhere that knows how to treat an athlete
Lacey Henderson
Denver, CO | Long Jumper
Highlights: 2016 USA Paralympian
Being a decathlete is hard on the body so any tool that can help me stay healthy, I am a fan of.
Curtis Beach
Albuquerque, NM | Decathlete
Highlights: NCAA All-American, Represented USA at 2016 World Indoor Championships
I grew up getting treatment from some really good therapists, so that set a high standard for me early on. Later in my career, I quickly realized that not all providers are equal. Kho helps me to get answers, second opinions, and find people I can trust.
Brendan Morgan
Pickering, ON | Football Player
Highlights: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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