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Get connected with the best injury solutions. Ask injury questions and find the best local providers with the skill set you need to be healthy.

For Healthcare Providers

Millions of Athletes get injured each year and they are left clueless as to what to do next. These injuries represent the perfect opportunity to grow your brand.

The Kho App allows Athletes to ask any injury question they have. Then you get access to these questions so you can showcase your services. The best part about working with athletes is that nature of sport creates repeat customers.

Be the one to save the day right when injuries happen. Stop sitting back and waiting for people to find you when many don’t even what they are looking for. No more thinking of what to post on social media and hoping for results. Instead, put your efforts into building relationships with Athletes that need help.

The more you help, the more of an online brand you create for yourself. Today, people depend on the internet to decide on purchasing choices. Don’t wait for your local competition to start building an excellent brand before you take action.

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Find Leads

Athletes ask questions because they are looking for a solution. You are given an opportunity to help local athletes find the solutions they are looking for by marketing your brand.

Build Your Brand

Message other Athletes and Therapists through our secure, private messaging system.

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Check out the feed of injury questions submitted by local Athletes


Check questions and replies, and help Athletes reach a bigger audience by supporting them


Manage your profile, update your information and earn rewards for your actions!


Communicate with Therapists / Athletes over the Kho secure messaging system

What People Are Saying on The AppStore!

“As a massage therapist, it is VITAL to have my logistics organized, quick and easy for me to use and access. This app does just that and can help with potential client growth. Highly recommend!”
“Finally an app that allows me to build a relationship with the therapist first, and allow others to refer me to the best!”
“I’m amazed at what this app can do! Bring a community together of athletes and therapists to help solve a problem. Athletes using their experience that they might be very familiar with and Therapists using the education and knowledge that they have trained years for.”
“Dramatically re-engineer value-added opportunities for client-centered infrastructures. Dynamically pontificate 2.0 intellectual capital and strategic intellectual capital. “

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